What is Stong Yang?


Reference: Lalana issue 485 Page 153-155

For the Strong Yang in the view of the eastern doctor, the first symptom is defecation. In common conditions, people generally have yellow stools, but when they start to have higher heat in the body, the stools are usually a little brown, with a cream-like appearance that shows an internal conflict of body power balance. In worse condition, it could cause constipation or wet gum in the eyes. The cause of the high heat balance depends on many factors.

The first is that each of us has different Yin (cold) and Yang (hot) balance. For example, if a person has more like Yang and consumes the Yang food, it increases Yang’s appearance in the body, which causes Yang temperature, which is a hot condition in oneself.
The second is about food. In Chinese medicine aspects, it is divided into Yin and Yang, where yang foods are usually spicy, flavorful, concentrated, or fried foods of all types. Like the fruits, Yang’s fruit includes rambutan, durian, lychee and glutinous rice, this is considered Yang consumption. For the Yin food, it is the type of food that provides moisture throat, comfortable in the body, which is most often of various vegetables.
The third is the weather, which is such important as the two reasons above. The changing of seasons often tend to cause Yin and Yang in different ways. In summer, Yang is higher as the hot weather. If one’s body has higher Yang balance, consume Yang food and then experience the hot weather as the Yang power, all conditions could cause apparently the heat in one’s body.

Prevention Method
Preventing the occurrence of Strong Yang depending on the daily practice. That is, you have to know your body first that it is more Yin or more Yang, what the weather is like, what food to eat, as it is the way to balance your body power and is considered to prevent the heating up inside.

Strong Yang What is Strong Yang?
Strong Yang is a group of many unusual health conditions. Generally, it does not mean higher body temperature. Strong Yang (heating up symptoms) may not be related to heat in any way. There are those who understand that it is only a mouth ulcer symptom, which appears inside the mouth as the white spot, as big or as big as a green bean, and a pain in burning pain. This is also correct but is only a small part of the word ‘Strong Yang’. The cause of the Strong Yang generally caused by consuming spicy, savory or difficult to digest foods such as red curry, papaya salad, sticky rice, jackfruit, longan, etc.

The symptoms of Strong Yang are as follows.
Having wet gum in the eyes after waking up / appears to have gum wound or pain in the gums / Inner cheek bulge and wounded inner lips / cracked tongue / hot breath / dry throat, thirsty throat / sore throat, sometimes coughing (severe cough), thick yellow sputum / lameness, likely to have a fever / constipation and excretion difficulties.

There are some symptoms that are Strong Yang but mistaken for a the Strong Yang condition, such as;
Very hot body temperature or high fever / experience fever while on the period / itchy throat, dry cough, no phlegm, not thirsty (cold cough) / dried mouth, tongue with white pellicle / throat inflammation / coughing a lot when experience a cold weather / cold, runny nose or nasal congestion / headache due to colds / indigestion

For those with little Strong Yang symptoms,
The solution is to consume some Yin food, such as bitter gourd, various vegetables, which may be boiled into a soup and add some meat or just scald in hot water. Once knowing the principles or rules of nature, you can eat all kinds of food without problems.

Example of Yin food
Crabs, ducks, geese, bananas, green beans, tofu, cucumber, orange, pear, pumpkin, salt, spinach, cane, orange, Chinese melon, tomato, celery, coconut water, grape, olive, pineapple, lettuce, persimmon, basil seed, winter melon.

Example of Yang food
Beef, pork, chicken, goat, dog, snake, chestnut, chili, garlic, ginger, onion, pepper, sweet basil, basil, durian, jackfruit, longan, lychee, coconut

Yin Yang comparison table

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